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  1. Guys, I think they fixed the problems last night while we were out drinking at the Calle San Sebastian festivities, I ran some tests and now the Miami routers are giving no problems at all, maybe that had to do with an angry customer like me who called the Adelphiacom.net IP Back bone team. lol Online game play seemed to be smooth, no lag, at last... My opinion about P2P, is that One Link should not block these ports, if they continue to do so, many customers will change to the new DSL thats on it's way. I'll run some tests tonight while you guys drink and party in Old San Juan,
  2. Have you guys tried pinging your modem from outside, like from your job? Find out your Adelphia IP address by browsing to www.dnsstuff.com and look at the top right part of the browser, it should say your ip. Then from your job or some friends house, ping that ip and see how fast it is, in Windows Goto Start Button and in Programs look for the Run command, type cmd and hit enter, this opens the Command Prompt, type ping and then type you IP, hit enter and the ping process begins. After three or four lines, look for where it says: Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
  3. Guys, go to http://www.dslreports.com/badrouters , check out the problems for: adelphia.net: adelphiacom.net: percentage packet loss of that router for tests done on that day adelphiacom.net: a1-00-00-00.a1.lax91.adelphiacom.net 28 31 25
  4. I call tell you this, I changed my DNS settings to Centennial (temp) and my browser is responding 75% faster, this means they have severe issuses with their DNS. Download speeds this morning went upto 4000 (over 3 mbits). Upload capped at about 375. I went to their support page http://myaccount.onelinkpr.net/ to use their own speed test, check it out. http://www.broadbandsupport.net/speedmeter/meter.php Good luck...
  5. I've called tech support at Onelinkpr.com all week and my download speed in the evening sucks. Less than 512kb in Guaynabo. They give me all kinds of excuses from, we have problems with our DNS your area has problems with latency (my pings are over 200) and the last one was, your router is bad . Online game play is impossible, it lags too much. If this does not get fixed this week, I'm calling DACO and getting my money back. One tech said, " well our SLA (service level agreement) says we don't gaurantee any speed", and I told him them to take off the tv ads that say upto 3 mbits
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