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  1. Sorry it has taken so long to acknowledge everyone's suggestions, have been out of town. I will try and answer everyone's questions with this post. I am not using a wireless router, just have the FM router directly connected to PC. As far as how close to other electrical devices in the room, it is about 4 1/2 feet from the PC and UPS. I usually reset my connections at least once a day. Thanks for the cablenut settings, will give them a try. As a side note, I did send a message to Tech Support and got the following response regarding my performance: Pat has the antenna'
  2. Thanks for your help. What would be cablenut settings be if I get the upload, etc. fixed? Any help would be great. Again, thank you for your help ...
  3. It doesn't show up in my drive listings ... Just under the hardware section ...
  4. I will try, I live out in the sticks and there really aren't anyone out this way that even has a computer ...
  5. I have a Maxtor 250G external connected via USB. I have been using this drive for about a year as a backup storage for my backup image of my backup image (I backup my system to a 2nd hard drive and then backup the 2nd hard drive to the external USB Maxtor 250G drive, can't be too careful). Last week the Maxtor filled up completely and won't allow me access, in fact, it doesn't show up as one of my drives at all. I have tried to use Partition Magic 8.0 to lay down a partition and format the drive (system shows that the drive does not have a partition). Everytime I try to create a partition and
  6. Thank you for your quick reply. Here are the test results from different things for you. The first is a ping test from my PC to their system. Also, I notice a variability with performance, at times it is faster and other times it is slow. As you can see from my first test results and the ones I just ran for this reply. Ping statistics for [snip] -t Packets: Sent = 19, Received = 19, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 24ms, Maximum = 219ms, Average = 65ms Here is the tracert from my PC to www.testmy.net: Tracing route to www
  7. First off, this is a great forum, I have learned a lot here, I recommend this place to everyone I know. Here is my problem. I live in a remote area that isn't serviced by cable or dsl. I am connected to the net via an FM router. Goes from my PC and transmits via FM to a main radio tower and then from there to my ISP's system and then out via a T1 line to AT&T. My connection speeds are supposed to be 512/512 (they actually have the pipe open bigger for me so I have bandwidth higher than the 512/512). I have cablenut and have flushed my cache, run SpyBot, run Ad-Aware, run BugDoctor and am u
  8. Thanks for you suggestion, I'll give it a try ...
  9. I am connected to the internet via FM radion tower. I am supposed to be getting 512 Up and Down. Can someone take a look at my results for various tests and let me know if my Cablenut setting are right (attached) or what I need for them to be. Thanks in advance, Bluize Test Results from - http://theamericanforce.com/speedtest/ Download speed - 267 kbps Upload speed - 254 kbps Quality of Service - 5% Round Trip time - 36 ms and Max Pause - 2915 ms Test Results from - http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ are below: (I live in NE Texas if that makes a difference) To
  10. I am looking for an excellent System Backup Software. I want to be able to not only do a complete image but also do incremental as well. The software must be able to write to a USB Drive, CD, DVD or another hard drive. I want the maximum flexibility for backup and restore and full recovery. I don't what to have to reload my base XP OS that came with my system and then have to go through the whole upgrade of patches. The recovery software should have the complete system with all patches as well as all my programs and data. I want to be able to just lay the system back on my drive and be up and
  11. I had the HP Recovery disk format my drive and lay a complete system down as it was when I bought it. Then I booted from the Norton Ghost cd and had it lay my system down as it was before I started having the problems.
  12. I'm not familiar with that ... How should I proceed? This is really bugging me. I did a complete system recovery, formatted the drive and had the HP Recovery lay a complete new system down as it was when I bought the thing. I then restored my system with the Ghost and it is staying up longer, but will eventually lock then go to the blue screen with a core dump ...
  13. I would appreciate any advice or help. First off, I have not installed any new hardware or software within the last month. Two days ago, my system just locked up with the disk access light lit. I rebooted and got the following error message: NTLDR is missing, do a Ctl+Alt+Del to restart. I did and it came back with the same error message. I am running Norton Ghost 9.0 and had a complete backup that was done at 6AM. I even tried booting in Safe Mode, but that didn't work. I did a complete recovery of my system and the problem still persisted. The system would finally come up, but after about 15
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