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  1. I got a 10MB internet speed What cause middle be 231 MB and maximum 4718.59 MB ?
  2. Yep but I know 100% that is a problem with my isp. Im in Dominican Republic, most of our isp providers offers very bad service and very expensive. 6mb cost like a 50 Dollars.
  3. I dont have any task at that time. I think that my isp use some traffic shapping rule base on time.if I want to use my full bandwidth I have to use a download accelerator that opens 10 connections at the same time. Example download with accelerator 740kb without accelerator 50 kb or 60kb. This happens after 6 p.m. ,, before 6p.m. I can download without download accelerator.
  4. Every day after 6 p.m. my single thread speedtest is 780kb on 6MB internet plan, but my multithread speed test is 5.8 or 6.02. This only happened at night cause from 12 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both speedtest are the same. For example if I start downloading an iso from ubuntu website before 6.pm. download speed is 740kb which is fine but after 6 p.m. the same file download speed is 60kb. This only happens for certain sites, cause youtube and netflix and some others work fine. I got cable internet. My signal levels are: Downstream Freq/Power: 627.000 MHz 3 dBmV Signal to Noise Rati
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