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  1. thanks for the warm welcome
  2. Im on satmex5 970 Mhz...anyone else on this transponder? my speed really varies even on the same time of day..from pretty decent to pretty crappy. Just wondering John
  3. Currently my signal is 82 oh yes I have tried foreced ranging many times...lol one thing direcway support seems to really want to know is inroute group, once I stated it was 20. the seem suprised but wouldnt say what it means right now its 85
  4. here is my rate code: cut and pasted directly from the advanced page, Rate Code........ 256k 1/2 (TC), I guess I am not exactly sure what it all means. I have had Direcway since March 2002 when I moved out here. I had alot of trouble with ranging the Dw7000 they claim that ranging should only take a minute but it takes at least 15-20 minutes and then I get a message that says its trying at a 'new rate that has'nt been tried before" Sometimes I get a message that says " transmitter cannot communicate with NOC" I really appreciate any help you can send my way!
  5. Yea I switched from Dw4000 to Dw7000 and my performance dropped big time...I was doing 1600 d/l consistently now I am luck to get 1000 d/l at night maybe 300 d/l days I never get a good upload speed i top out at 75 kbps tops even with professional, p.s. I am on a weird transponder off SM-5, 970 MHz? anyone else have this one? thanks sincerely!!!John From 10,000 lakes (Minnesota) smile
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