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  1. is the 64MB DDR Nvidia GeForce4 MX420 a better one?
  2. it is a desktop. what do you mean by 2 256mb sticks? its not just one 512? Because i have a extra 512mb stick
  3. Hey all, i was wondering if anyone can give me their opinion on this system and if it's top of the line etc.... mainly if it would work well with counter strike: source.. Dell XPS 200 * Pentium
  4. Hi all. Im curious about cablenut and testing it on here. When I tweak with cablenut, restart my computer, and test, it always halts at different intervals. Such as getting to 10%...stopping for a few seconds..get to 30% stop for a few seconds..and so on. Making the test inaccurate, what causes this? Is it because of my crap intel celeron processor or what?
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