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  1. . Yeah here is another idiot that went to 7K from 4K so that I could finally get my client computers to hit HTTPs sites ....... man I never got under 1.5 with my tweaked 4K's and if I did, it was a problem with the NOC. I have sat and watched a download hang at 8000kb/ps and I mean stay there ........ download a 100 meg file in 5-6 minutes ..... now with this 7K crap I will be lucky to get it done in an hour. I am sick of this crap and like some others, I bought my modem out right so I would not be locked into Hughes on a contract ..... I am about to go back to my 4K's and I don't care if the other client computers can hit HTTPs or not ... this is BS. And I am a Certified Computer Tech so I don't need any tweaking advice ..... I have enough paper hanging on the wall to make a book ....... there is only so much you can do with this 7K garbage since there is no "actual" software on your system to be "played with" ........ I don't believe
  2. . There is also another Microsoft OS you never got to see or hardly even hear about. Believe it or not it was "Windows 93" .......... it was to replace 3x in all phases but the BETA's and the prototype was so pathetic that they just kind of scrapped the whole works and pretty much started over thereby giving us Windows 95. There is no telling how many MS OS's are in the trash can from where they started over after they saw how horrible what they were doing was going to turn out. It surely did not stop them when they put out that embarrassing and impotent Windows ME ...... they needed to keep their feet wet during that time because Linux and GNU were really gaining on them especially with Red Hat hitting one of the highest marks on the New York Stock Exchange in the NYSE's history ........ Linux "almost squeaked into the real world" right about '99 / 2000 and probably would have if the Stockmarket / Software-Internet IPO crash had not occurred. Gates rides on the wings of pure luck, timing and greed ....... and he is trying with all his little heart to 'Hard-Chip' Windows onto motherboards ........ once that happens, we are all screwed. No more "rolling your own" after that happens and if Gates has his way or he doesn
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