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  1. packetloss w. onelink, not adelphia. check image please. yes, they are capping the gaming bandwidth too in order to allow all onelinkpr clients to navigate the internet only.
  2. robocop, you couldn't have put it better. the company is raping your wallet while giving you less. some onelinkpr enthusiasts here want you to be satisfied with what onelinkpr is giving you. they expect people to keep paying $50 for poor service. some of the techies seem friendly while saying the same crap over and over: "it's either your router or your modem. let's check your modem, first unplug it, and plug it. do you see the lights blinking? etc. all is fine over here". then if you keep asking about what they're doing, why they're throttling p2p, bittorrent and online gaming, they turn into pricks. all is not fine. i agree with everything you've said so far. you couldn't have put it better.
  3. the tech guy actually blurted it to my face: "we are not pleased with online gaming". this seriously needs to be remedied, and their attitudes need to be checked. first p2p and bittorrent, now online gaming? on top of that the guy went so far as to say onelink has reduced bandwidth usage by 12% since limiting the online gaming ports! so limiting p2p, bittorrent and online games is the direction the company's taking? onelink is definitely heading down the crapper.....
  4. just got off the phone with onelinkprs tech support. the tech guy was a fricking prick. i asked why online gaming was so slow and he nearly barked at me saying "because we are limiting online gaming for the time being. we don't need to be constantly questioned about this and they're planning on announcing it on onelink's phone voice recordings while you wait, to avoid having to explain to online gamers why their games are slow for the moment". this crap is seriously pissing me off.
  5. we must differentiate between abusers and regular p2p/bittorrenters. abusers: people who uncapped their modems and left their bittorrent programs downloading crap 24/7. regular users: people who use bittorrent (can do it 24/7 too) but know how to manage their download/upload so as not to become abusive by hogging the bandwidth. as for their changes, ISPs must recognize the internet isn't merely used for web browsing and e-mail. blocking or limiting ports is detrimental to their clients. they blocking or limiting p2p and bittorrent doesn't justify charging $50 a pop just for web browsing or e-mail. i can get dsl for cheaper if i only wanted to use that. the point shouldn't be they just blocking or limiting crap exclusively, but recognizing we are overpaying for their broadband if they'll permanently limit or block p2p and bittorrent. that is not good business. onelinkpr's heading down the crapper with no one to help it back up if they keep walking down that road...
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