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  1. Hi guys I have athe comcast upgraded package with the 8 down and 768 up. I use the cablenut program to up my download speed to 9 mbs but my up is slower in the 600-650 range can you guys tell me how to fix this? I do a lot of hosting for xbl holding 32 players no lag and I need all the upload I can get, if no one knows how to fix this can someone tell me how to get my settings the way they were before cablenut. Thank you
  2. i got it thanks. I never knew this was possible i have comcasts upgraded connection which is 8mbs dl, 768 kbs up and when i used ur program i now get dls of 9 mbs is that even possible if my max is surposed to be 8???
  3. can I get the link for this program aswell please.
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