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  1. they did change backbone but it still sucks @$$,i guess everybody is stuck until something better comes around.Because the pricess on dsl are outrageous and the one year contract sucks.
  2. Well I am in the Bayamon area and since yesterday around 2:00 am i can't download squat through anything.I was downloading some stuff through my newsgroups server and the connections to the server kept timing out,but today is worse i can't even do a speed test here because the test starts and then it just sits there doing nothing.What in the hell are these Craplink @$wipes doing.:sigh:
  3. Yeah i could not resist this is hilarious i registered just for this: Your Current BandWith reading is: 7.95 Mbps Wich Means you can Download from our servers at 1018.04 KB/sec. Yeah I wish.Ass Wipes.
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