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  1. I have WILDBLUE 512K value pack, I have only had it for about 3 months, but their technical assistance is wonderful.They will try to work with you any way possible.I get connection numbers in the low 500's-mid 600K's.AOL is pretty slow,but it has uniqe features.Get both,{if you have an extra $30 bucks to spend}.WILDBLUE value pack is $49.50 per month;mid pack has 1m speed and cost $69.50 per month;Pro-pack has 1.5M's and cost$79.50 per month. It's high , but if you live in the sticks than you have to shuck out the dough!!!
  2. My sister lived in Johnson City ,and she had CHARTER.I live in west TN "Union City" and it has CHARTER. GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I disconnected my PRE-FETCH off of FASTERFOX and still get the same speed.I have it set to TURBO. Will this still use up more of my FAP?
  4. I just tweaked my FIREFOX browser. I'm using a 512K WILDBLUE . Before I got 536K's;Know I got 649K's.It's called FASTERFOX on the extentions. NEATO!!!!
  5. I tested my sony psp and got 209K's; I used my 512K satalite,and a LINKSYS wireless G.Oh yea I text message this on my PSP.
  6. I just got wild blue about 2 month ago, with the value package.I checked the speed on testmy.net. It showed connection speed at 487/dnwld at 59Kbs.I am paying for 512Kbps.Is this O.K? I am also having reset and connection problems too.They said it was from my linksys router.I unhooked it and it still happens . It sucks but its all I can get besides dial-up.
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