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  1. For a program I need a validation link for a speed higher than 500 so then I can say that was mine & i can get an approved server.
  2. I cAN't use it cuz it is not recent it has to be the date I request for a approved server.
  3. Yo I'm sorry I can't use it it has to be like today I m sorry I wasn't on yesterday after ur post. Can anyone give the same thing but make it recent like today or if ur on tomorrow can ya do it for tomorrow . thx:) [glow=green,2,300][move][shadow=red,left]CODE[/shadow][/move][/glow]
  4. If you have an upload speed of 500kb or higher post the validation link for the download test too plz be recent like today.
  5. Ok all I'm asking for is someones upload tests validation link with a speed higher then 500kb it has to be recent like today.
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