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    guyhoghton got a reaction from CA3LE in Fail gracefully when very bad connection   
    Hi. As the above posts are 2 or more years old I'm wondering whether the suggestions discussed got implemented? Like some of the other commenters above I am trying to gather evidence about an unstable ADSL connection that often goes so slow that it becomes unusable for a time. I am running auto tests one after the other to get a week of evidence, but I often find when I check that the browser is just displaying a message "Cannot contact server, try again later" or words to that effect. On checking the results I find that the last result was several hours ago and it was a good speed. So I surmise that the connection swung down to zero or a few kilobits per second, and when TestMy tried to do its next test the browser couldn't talk to the server and that was the end of the auto testing, because presumably the browser polls the server not vice versa. Otherwise the drop-out might have happened during a test, with the same outcome.
    Was there some fix to this that got added to later versions of the auto test? It's frustrating because I can't record the occurrence of the very thing I am trying to prove - that the connection becomes unusable. If this is still on the developers' to-do list could I make a suggestion for a solution design?
    1. Have the client code that polls for a test implemented in a hidden frame, not the frame that displays the result, so that the polling code doesn't get nuked if the request to the server times out, and will request the next test as usual when the time comes.
    2. Server does not abort the auto test if results stop coming through. Instead it records a speed result of ZERO each time a test result is expected but is not received, after waiting for a period of grace to allow for network delays.
    I do hope you will consider this or some similar solution, or if you have already implemented a solution perhaps we could investigate why I'm getting the experience I described above. Many thanks.
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    guyhoghton got a reaction from CA3LE in Can I let others access my test results?   
    Apologies if this question has been asked before. I couldn't find anything relevant to it on the forum.
    I've been running some automatic tests over several days, and the results show that my download speed is very unstable, occasionally peaking at about 5.5 Mbps but sometimes down as low as 135 Kbps. I have attached a screenshot of the graph of the test results.
    I would like to give my ISP a link which would take them to the page which lists these results, so they could see the speeds measured and the graph. Is that possible? I can't see any "share these results" facility in TestMy.net, so I guess it can't be done, but I thought I would ask.
    I know I can export the results to a CSV file, and send that to my ISP. But if they could see the results on this website it would really help to authenticate them. My ISP is very quick to deny any speed problems or to suggest that my equipment is at fault, and for all they know I might have made up the CSV file.
    Thanks for any help.

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