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  1. UPDATE: i gave up on using the dwl-2100ap. well it sorta broke. the lan light would stay on even though theres no cable connected. when i do connect a cable then it starts blinking like hell. i tried resetting it in every way possible but it wont work no more. i can get to it wirelessly but thats it. the only use i have for it is if i set it to wireless repeater and i am not sure thats a good thing. in any case. i decided to use an RG cable from the antenna which rolls down to the apartment and then connects to the access point. this time i am using the dwl900ap which seems to be functioning OK but my ping times are horrible compared to what i had showed you before. i think this has to do with the ap losing the signal because of the black RG cable. i am considering putting the dwl900 next to the antenna then run an rj45 cable like i had done with the dwl2100. heres an example of the pings: C:Documents and SettingsPaul>ping Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=31ms TTL=63 Reply from bytes=32 time=58ms TTL=63 Reply from bytes=32 time=113ms TTL=63 Request timed out. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 31ms, Maximum = 113ms, Average = 67ms i cant for the life of me figure out why i am getting time outs. in regards to the antenna i had showed you before with the broken feed horn? well i replaced it. i now have a new one.
  2. hello. I hope this is the right sub-forum to post this in. i tried linsysinfo.org but no one has said anything and its been a few days. i am in need of help in regards to this. i just bought a wap54g access point and i am having an issue with it functioning as a ap client. when i do a site survey it wont show any sites. sometimes it'll show one or two or none at all. i am currently stationed in baghdad iraq and we get our internet wirelessly. people here use access points as ap clients to get their signal. i have a dlink 2100ap that went dead. i also happen to have a dlink 900ap+ both dlink access points will do a site survey and list the available sites while the linksys ap will not. i get the feeling the linksys device is being picky and is only showing what it likes. how can i make my new wap54g show the internet provider just like the dlink? i am trying to get rid of the dlink ap since its borrowed. i noticed the current firmware on it is 3.05 by the way this is the european version since the box has all the european flags. please help! very urgent. by the way i am using this antenna with the ap: http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/hg2424g.php 2.4 GHz 24 dBi High Performance Reflector Grid Wireless LAN Antenna
  3. this is after about 8+ hours: ThroughPut Transmit Success Rate 71 % <--looks low? Transmit Retry Rate 0 % Receive Success Rate 22 % Receive Duplicate Rate 27 % <---hmmm RTS Success Count 0 RTS Failure Count 984674 <-- Ouch? Transmitted Frame Count Transmitted Frame Count 181353 Multicast Transmitted Frame Count 0 Transmitted Error Count 76824 <--i am in pain! Transmitted Total Retry Count 0 Transmitted Multiple Retry Count 0 Received Frame Count Received Frame Count 263376 Multicast Received Frame Count 0 Received Frame FCS Error Count 984675 Received Frame Duplicate Count 99694 Ack Rcv failure Count 419049 <---wow! Wep Frame Error Count WEP Excluded Frame Count 0 WEP ICV Error Count 0
  4. so you think the problem is the antenna? well i guess if i do reposition it i am going to do it vertically this time. i should mention that the sma cable i have in the picture has been kinda acting a bit loose. also.the small little tip that connects to the access point screw. i kinda have to push it while screwing it in. i am going to try to buy another but i'll deal with one for now. also, i had an incident with the antenna where the little tip off of the feedhorn broke off. so i kinda taped it back on. i asked lots of people that supposdely know and they said its no big deal. in the attached picture. see the black plastic area labeled "Feedhorn"?? that area kinda broke in half and now a metal piece is sticking out. (basically the plastic got shattered)) i'll try to take a picture. the part labeled "Feed Refelector" is ok and well so i kinda taped it and tried to screw it back on.
  5. the one on the roof receiving the signal from the isp is a d-link DWL-2100AP. it was bought in iraq so the firmware version says 2.00EU. the other one i have in the house is also a D-Link. its a DWL-900AP+. same thing. bought in iraq. i flashed it with a us firmware so it just says 3.09 which is fine. the reports i showed you above are from the 2100.
  6. on a side note, i noticed my speed started to decrease so i logged into the access point on the roof and i restarted it. the speed picked up again. its been about 15 minutes since i restarted it and i am concerned about the "Statistics" page. theres lots of failure counts. and its only been 15 minutes. in regards to the tracert, here are the results:
  7. well no he doesnt exactly have the telex one. i was just showing you the "kind" he has. and i dont mean to sound like a kid dwelling over the antenna kind and position. I just heard that the higher the signal is the better the quality and the better the ping with fewer dropped packets and such.
  8. the reason i am hammering the antenna issue is because a friend of mine also has an antenna however its a Yagi antenna. his is about 5 meters away from mine (On the same roof) and we b.oth get internet from the same provider. he has no APs. straight from the antenna to the pc's wireless dlink card. his signal strength is 97% most of the time. i did a search on the web and i believe this is the one he has. so perhaps flipping mine vertically can do better or if not get one such as his.
  9. is the internet provider. my internal lan is for the gateway and the laptops are .200 and .172. i am using smoothwall for these reasons: 1) its caching proxy helps in regards to speed a bit. 2) provides dhcp for the laptops and 3rd reason is "some protection". do you recommend any other router/gateway packages? i tried Clarkconnect the other day and i find smoothwall to be a bit easier to manage although I think clarkconnect maybe faster in providing speeds. what do you think about the antenna question? whether vertical or horizontal orientation is best? and when you say 24dbi is alot in one direction do you mean i should opt for a smaller antenna? i was considering the flat panel kind.
  10. Ok so i am currently in iraq and i get my internet wirelessly using a 24dbi parabolic grid antenna from a provider who says at first limited me to 64down/64up kilobits/sec (ya. bits NOT bytes) so i called and bitched and she said she increased it to 256kb/128kb. although i am seeing some improvements i am still having download problems. its quite a mess really. in iraq the internet is provided wirelessly because saddams underground fiberoptics isnt being used and with all the bombings who would fix it if it breaks and all. so we're stuck with a diagram like this: i get internet wirelessly from internet cafe 1 who in turn gets internet from a big provider in baghdad who in turn gets internet from a company in the UK or Germany or Australia or wherever. (((god i miss being in san diego on my cable modem. i am starting to get teary eyes :( ))) now, my question here is why is it when i download i am not touching more than 7.30KB or 8KB .. when i use the Bit calculator on this website: http://www.matisse.net/bitcalc/ it says 256kilobits translates into about 32KiloBytes. i am not hitting those numbers. to give you an idea of how i have things setup: I am on my laptop thats getting its signal from an access point in the house. this access point is connected to a Smoothwall Gateway box. The gateway is connected to an access point on the roof thats connected to a 24dbi parabolic grid antenna. The access point on the roof next to the antenna reports the signal with the provider to be between 80% and 95%. i am trying hard to make it stronger. it jumps up and down. i dont believe access points were designed to be wireless clients. correct me if i am wrong. my ping times fluctuate. i see the following -- this is during daytime: at times during the day i see lots "Request timed out". i am confident something is the problem. heres a diagram of my setup: any help is greatly appreciated! antenna question: i have this kinda antenna: http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/hg2424g.php on the website at the bottom theres a picture showing Vertical and Horizontal standing. It appears to me that while its Vertical the red area is larger. my question is: should i change it to Vertical?
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