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  1. 12Mbps to 23 down and 2-5 up, $60/month or $80 month (promotion) for virtually unlimited data: Florida, coastal GA, MS,AL,some areas of coastal LA , coastal SC, NC and most coastal New England states Viasat. Available almost everywhere east of the Mississippi and some areas in the western US. Some areas in the west have the 5/1 footprint offered.
  2. I worked with Hughesnet/Dishnet (they are the same product, just different names) for several years. After seeing the extreme slow down and suffering through bad support via foreign call centers, I dumped offering an inferior product and started an exede dealership. Best decision I ever made. The product is superior in every way. Some areas now have virtually unlimited data package available. Most areas east of the Mississippi are in the exede 12/3+ Mbps footprint, including some western areas as well. Some coverage areas offer 5/1 Mbps footprint. Even still, the data packages all offer an unlimited free data download zone either from 12-5 a.m. or 3-8 a.m everyday + better data packages, most have unlimited surfing available and much faster service along with superior customer support located in the USA only.
  3. We have internet available almost everywhere in the USA.. We have the fastest speed that is available everywhere. Some speeds are faster, obviously, but they are NOT available everywhere. Conversely, fiber loop based products are very limited in their actual geographic coverages. Our speeds average from 12 to 20 Mbps down, and 2.5 to 5 Mbps up. For people stuck with slow or average dsl or cable or expensive/limited data 3g/4g, then our product is a great alternative.
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