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    tmersino reacted to CA3LE in Huge Variance   
    I made a change after your post.  Too many people have been confused by this.  Your post was the tipping point, telling me I needed to make a change.
    If you have over 5 logged results it will defaulted to showing "My Results" instead of your host graph.
    I made the change then got side tracked on the next task and forgot to update this topic.   -- Hope this helps alleviate confusion in the future.
    Feedback like yours is what builds this site, thank you.
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    tmersino got a reaction from CA3LE in Huge Variance   
    Thank you so much for your reply. Your feedback helped me better understand the two graphs. Now I know to pay attention to the speed of the top graph. I don't recall seeing that big drop in speed in most of my results but I will pay attention to it for a while. I had Comcast come out on Tuesday (today is Friday) and they made some tweaks on my connections and he told me there was also a problem reported at another house in my neighborhood. So hopefully the graph above become more consistent. If it continues to act sporadic I will reach out to you and send the information (modem, router, computer, subscription, browser and another computer) you suggested.
    Thank you again for your help. I appreciate you taking time to reply.
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