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  1. Conuck and Pgoodwin1 Thanks for the advice. Conuck: I was planning on renegotiating soon anyway. I am caregiver to my Mom - they have had cable since 1980s and I redid their deal as soon as I got here as austerity measure. The boost to Turbo was the fix last time - maybe this phenomenon is TWC's way of getting one to UPGRADE? If all things remain constant, and a mere twanger at the NIC does the trick (it was the fix last time), what am I to conclude? Pgoodwin1: I am really not interested in off-site troubleshooting, although I see the value in having the data for comparison when de
  2. I need help with an Action Plan for dealing with Time Warner Cable Support. They are "Parts Replacers" and "Pat Responders". In particular: why TestMy.Net results should be reiied upon instead of TWC Flash SpeedTest why All test results vary so much under normal usage conditions how to make them explain how they regulate my speed My theory is that their methods server-side are the key - they CHANGED Something!! - as that is all that could have changed because I changed nothing what actions I should require them to take anything else of which I am naive/ignorant that ya'll think relevant
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