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  1. You bet. In the meantime, I'd like to tell the ISP I will pay them *up to* $XX for their *up to* 25/2 service
  2. Thank you Ca3le. I am not sure I posted my question clayey enough. Your reply on the other hand is clear. I guess what I am really trying to find out is, (assuming all other factors [iSP, equipment, geographic location, etc.] are the same) do people who pay for 250 get only 10, when people that pay for 25 are getting only 10? If the person paying more get more consistently, the person paying less is subsidizing the bandwidth of the person paying more. If there is enough going around to give 25 or better to the person paying for 250, there should be enough for the person paying for 25 to get 25. Am I making sense?
  3. As consumers, we each pay for plans that offer "x' Mbps down and "y" Mbps up, and as we know that, for a variety of reasons no one gets those speed 100% of the time. Now, the speeds available via cable where I am range from 25 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up, all the way to 250 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. What I am curious about is, do people who get the more expensive plans ever get speeds so low, that match the low speeds of customers paying for a slower service? Does anyone have a 250 Mbps down package and consistently get less than 25 Mbps download speeds? I'm not sure I'll get enough replies here to see something worth while statistically, but perhaps someone will point me in the right direction as well as share their story. Heck! Testmy.net may have this data already and I just don't know how to look it up.
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