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  1. No what is happening is if you live downtown you can get Mediacom Cable with high speed internet etc but its only AT&T dsl in my area and nothing else. We are less than a quarter mile from the hub. They tell me there fiber here to but the good old boy Town Manager does not want to upset AT&T to better their service. This is Georgia and they do things slowly. I gave up playing games online with my friends as I would the guy rubberbanding lol.
  2. I moved to Valdosta Georgia a year ago from the land of high speed internet in Connecticut. I have setup office in the old Man Cave about 50 feet from the house. So internet is always over WiFi. The locals tell me that if you live near a good school district you get sucky internet and vice versa with a bad school district. I am on AT&T DSL Max plus. The upload speed sucks even when I connected directly with the modem in the house. https://testmy.net/db/BwnT~dfNM.xb2hkMKDu
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