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  1. Yes having the same shit as yo guys ONCE AGAIN!!!! When I run Neotrace there seems to be a problem ip (which I am not surprised) in San Juan!!!!! Of course calling customer service is a waste of time ("I am pinging your modem and everything seems ok"). I feel like telling them well no shit dumb ass the problem isnt my modem, and everything isnt ok if you dont believe me get your ass over my house and see for yourself. Why the hell do they use Sprint for their backbone (what i was told) when they suck. Some of my routing takes me all the way to Dusseldorf (no joke) to come back to washington or newark NJ WTF!!!! I cant wiat to tell them to shove their crappy service up their you know what.... Has abyone tried the centennial wireless service?
  2. I am beginning to notice again at night that the ping are spiking all over the place. I can go from 90 to 270 to 400 and back to 150 in about 5 secs. Has anyone else noticed this happening again?
  3. I just went to the office the other day to buya new modem and the rep. said that now they are upping the download to 4gb/sec. I said to him that they need to improve the connection and of course gave me the same shitty answer "We are working on that" well they have been working on that for the past year that I have had the service. Does anybody in that company know what they are doing? Why would you increase the bandwidth if with the current offer of 3gb/sec cant be fulfilled not evenat 1gb/sec download with a clean steady connection. Someone really needs to get their head out of their ass over there and pronto!!!
  4. I hope centennial comes through so i can telling these mother f&*%ers to go to hell with their shitty service
  5. You know i am so TIRED of all the BS they tell us onelink. Suposedly they told about 1 mth ago that they were going to be changing backbone providers to AT&T. Weel guess what nothing has changed although they tell you that the change has been done. I had a tech come out to the house today and tell me that they didn't change and they aren't going to. He also told me that basically the main office is full of crap and they make up stories so the people stay calm. I have been dealing with their shit for one year now and am tired. Everytime they are going to fix something they alwaus say it will be done in 2 wks. and when you call back ltr they keep saying 2wks. Unfortuneatly we have no choice because dsl is even worse. Boy I am sry i moved to metro area. I used to have Liberty cable (using AT&T backbone) and the service was rock solid. Maybe onelink should bill their service based on the quality of the connection (lol) you would see how quickly they would move to fix it.
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