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  1. Thats what I was thinking of doing. We do have a Sprint hotspot. I have had speeds anywhere from 20mbps to 1mbps. If we lived less than a mile closer to town we would be able to get time warner but thats my luck. Thanks for the help. Its just frustrating.
  2. 3mbps download is advertised actual best is 1.4mbps but most days I have to power cycle the modem so that I am not stuck at 256kbps. I called to compain yesterday thats when I found out that my actual max is 1.6mbps. I need to do something. I am using my mobile hotspot right now. But it just chews up my data plan. Is Hughs net Gen4 a viable option?
  3. We are stuck in slo mo. Frontier is the only local carrier for so called high speed internet. 3mb downloads is the fastest but the tech told me that the the actual top speed in 1.4mb download speed. Routinely through the day we are actually around 450kbs. Is hughesnet gen4 for worth the money? Is 10mbps actually 10? I have read that a bunch of people are only getting 1mps download. Any help is appreciated.
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