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  1. DONT DO IT DONE BEEN THERE vonage and direc way will not mix and when i sent phones back to vonage they billed me anyway and i had less than 4 days and only 90 mins of calls (droped that is ) 90 min of trying to get it to work you can hear them ok but it takes like 25 seconds for them to hear you say hello and they done hung up !!!!! i got shafted
  2. Im not a tech wizard as u can see. But ive got the 6000 uint and ive been reading alot about tweaks & cable nuts & watt bosters from this site how much might it help my Up/L speeds? I live on about 2200 acers and my dish is grounded to the fence that runs nearly a mile in length would that be a ok ground? And so you can point these things yourself ? ive paid 200 bucks a pop to have someone come out and do it because i was told ( they have to be FCC certified ) . I get sometimes speeds of 1300kbps -750kbps and have had speeds worse than dail-up 20kbps I
  3. I very much agree with you I still have the dw6000 though and was considering getting the 7000 now i think ill finish my contract with the 6000 I got so pissed off when i was having problems w/6000 sounds just like your 7000 every freaking time i needed tech-suport al-a-bab-wa would tell me to do the same dang thing the last al-a-bab-wa said to do too no avail it was one big (here we go around the merry-go-round ) But as u said dial-up was only other alternitive but i would also like the phone # if u still have to upper tech plz i would not recomed unless you have
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