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  1. The 10mbps/1mbps is an extra 15 dollars with Brighthouse in Orlando, FL. the 7/512 is $45, and the 10/1 is $60. that's 15 dollars. I pay the bill each month, so I kind of know what I'm being charged. http://cfl.mybrighthouse.com/services/high_speed/RoadRunnerPackages.aspx I wasn't complaining. I was trying to assist nocal, by telling him my situation, as I am also in the Central Florida region. I've never been logged on while doing my speedtest is why you don't see my speeds. I dont' really have any problems though. I mean, I can post up whatever you need to know, but it won't really assist me, as I get "up to 10 mbps download" and "up to 1 mbps" upload during non-peak hours. during peak hours, i still get around 6-7 mbps down and around 900 kbps up. not trying to start any trouble, just trying to help.
  2. i upgraded to their 10/1 for the extra 15 dollars. I wasn't getting the entire 10mbps for a long time. last week, i was also recieving really terrible service for about a day. now I have seen speeds up to 1.1mbyte/s download and 125 kbyte/s upload. i just ran the test and i was ~7.5 mbps and ~955 kbps. I have seen better and I have seen worse. I really just wanted the extra upload, so i'm comfortable with the 7.5 and not the full 10. I would give it a little time. btw, I am in Orlando near UCF's main campus, if that makes a difference to you at all.
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