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  1. Thanks for the info. The type of VPN is simply PPTP using the built in windows client on XP Pro connecting to a server running Windows SBS 2003. As far as the static IP goes most ISP's don't give out static IP's permanently unless you pay for the business level service as you do with Direcway. I have DSL at home and my IP on the router changes every 24 hours or so and this has never caused an issue with the VPN though. Does the IP address on Direcway change more frequently (every couple minutes?) than a standard DSL or Cable connection? If the professional version of Direcway
  2. Hello all, I've been searching through your forums and have learned a great deal about DirecWay (now Hughes). However I have one problem that I've yet to find a solution for. I'm lucky enough to live in a big city myself and work in an office with a nice fast T1 connection. But one of our employees had no choice but Direcway on his property in rural Alabama. He's already been screwed over by the fact that his web email (which runs over SSL) is dirt slow because of the fact that the accelerator doesn't work on encrypted connections. Now were running into a problem with the
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