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    At&T Internet service

    There is something wrong with them. They say it isn't. I don't understand why they don't want their service to compete with everyone else. I lived in the desert they were my only choice. I left the desert came to a major city. Los Angeles California and it still sucks. Now I am stuck in a contract. To have unlimited access to the internet costs over 300 US dollars a month for cellular service. They bill by the amount of data you choose to select for your monthly use. It's the worst service I have ever had. I tried to make an appt on my att account page to go in and let them have a look at my phone. The connection timed out and froze. That's ridiculous. My connection tested 93% slower than average across the board. With Wifi it tested 63% slower. I thought it was because I was in the desert initially that is what I was told. I want out of this contract my job is Internet based. Any ideas anyone?
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