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  1. im guessin ur runnin windows xp if so bring up the command prompt (start --> run --> cmd) type in "tracert www.testmy.net" without "quotation" marks itll bring up the list of ip addresses it passed thru on the way to test my.net, how to interpret them, i dont kno how to explain, but it shows the times to each bounce and u can see if a certain spot is slowing down ur ping time or somethin, one of the more knowledgable forum members should b around soon
  2. Ive had errors too always with xplornet, im not sure why, but i have a different one that comes up Warning: gethostbyaddr() [function.gethostbyaddr]: Address is not a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address in /home/testmyn/public_html/tools/test/main.php on line 70 just thought it might help
  3. well after readin all the problems with comcast not revealing their limits, i wouldnt doubt that they wouldnt tell you anyways ... so once my lvl 2 tech person phones bak ... 4 n half hours ago ... grr i hate this company
  4. what id like to kno, is how much befored they throttle the bandwidth ... a lvl 2 tech is supposed to phone me in ... umm 39 minutes ago ... so ill ask him *if* they ever phone
  5. also just want 2 comment, according to xplornet the theoretical minimum speed you should ever see on a 3mbps connection (business) is 800kbps, and you can find out what urs should b if u log into the canopy,, password xyxyxy, and on the left click explanded stats, then status and look what the "sustained downlink data rate" says, thats the minimum, also my upload says 800 but that means shit all lol
  6. I just got off the phone wit xplornet afew hours ago, they helped me abit, at first i was getting 1200/200 (advertised 3000/750) n the lvl 2 tech helped n got my download upto 1800 ish, so thats good enough, but now my upload dropped to 100 or 150ish so he said hes gonna talk to the network team n see whats wrong n phone me back tomoro Word of advice, if ur gonna phone xplornet, be smart so they dont try to blame you, unplug the thinger first (it doesnt do anythin, but just so u can say u did it), as well as download a linux live cd (i like ubuntu mostly) n do the tests on there, while running off the cd so u can be sure its not spyware/virus n they cant blame you for that ... this saves me about 20 minutes a phone call lol, now i just bitch n get right to lvl 2 techs n dont have to deal with the ppl that dont kno anythin haha
  7. well they dont block p2p traffic, but thru their "fair access policy" or somethin, they have the right to slow ur internet (i.e. ull never get ur advertised speed lol) they dont block p2p, limewire works great, unless you have a business package or a static ip tho, they have a proxy so torrents barely work n u cant host on most games n stuff
  8. Haha it will. See its our highschool so i dont have a campus connect thing, i do have my name and student id number i need to log into my sr_docs. how would the VPN work tho would i need a computer within the school to access it?
  9. Alright so i found the school's ip address, i kno their proxy address/port and the server name and folder name, is there a way i can connect?
  10. Yea i kinda figured that but though maybe theres away since our server has a website and stuff...
  11. So today i was able to access our studentserver and graphics server from my laptop via wifi, however now im wondering, how would i go about connecting from lets say, home, because it would be so nice to be able to connect, grab lets say social essay, work on it, and save it back. Im not sure how i would go about it, i know the proxy address and port, i know the ip address (although on a sticky note in my locker i forgot) Any help would be appreciated
  12. macs do, its apple menu --> preferences --> energy saving --> Auto on and Auto off
  13. Ive been having same problems with xplornet also, we got it a month or two ago and its been kinda crappy the whole time, upload averages 30-80kilobits when were payin for 750...if u find a answer pls say lol, ive contacted them 5 times now and gotten nowhere...
  14. Yep, my dell has a feature within the bios that just auto starts it at a certain time (this also drove me nuts because we shut down our computer and in the morning its back on, confused until finally found that setting) Yea there should just be a auto start option within the bios. Odd windows doesnt have somethin to allow it to, all the macs we have at school you can set to auto start and auto shut down whenever you want.
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