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  1. Ok well I still don't get it. The result is reported in kbps right? So a result of let's say 4000kbps is 4000*1024 bits per second, which is 4 096 000, right? Having said that I thought the kbps already implemented the 1024 parts per "kilo" and all that was left to do was to divide by 8 to get bytes instead of bits...
  2. Hmmm ok...but I thought kbps was already taking 1024 bits...since it's kb.
  3. Are you sure? That would mean there are 8.192 bits in a byte which wouldn't make any sense at all. Just so you know other sites for testing bandwidth like speakeasy have the "regular" conversion...
  4. I got 4032kbps and it said that's 492kB/s. Now when I was in school I learned that there are 8 bits in a Byte so you should divide 4032 by 8 to get 504kB/s not 492kB/s. What's going on?
  5. Ok I think it might be my router (although I guess the settings of the laptop could work better or worse for different routers and could still be the problem)...because at school it maxes out at almost 3Mbps, and doesn't always hit the same 1.5Mbps I keep getting at home. I've tried playing with the settings I have in the router but none have made a difference. UPDATE: UNBELIEVABLE! I used cablenut and PROBLEM SOLVED....I should've listened and tried that earlier instead of speculating messed up theories. lol.
  6. Hi, I'm having a very peculiar problem. I discovered that my intel 2200bg card is somehow capping my web browser downloads at 1.5Mbps (~200kB/s). Any file I download through any browser does not go faster. Speed tests at www.testmy.net and www.dslreports.net all cap out at around 1.5Mbps. BUT, torrents go at 500kB/s, which is the way it's supposed to be. Transferring files over the network is also much faster than the 1.5Mbps "cap" observed on web downloads. This even happens in safe mode so I highly doubt this is a software issue (of course it can still be drivers, just not some spyware or other S#!t). If I hook up a wired connection I immediately get boosted to 500kB/s on the speed tests. I tried the dell drivers and the drivers from intel. This is all with just the drivers and letting windows manage the connection. What should I do??? P.S. I put this here and not the internet section because this is a driver/card issue, nothing to do with my ISP. Thanks, Flaviu
  7. DAMN. I reinstalled the drivers (it's a intel 2200bg card) from both intel and from dell (it's a dell laptop), but both result in the same 1.5Mbps cap for web browsing somehow. Torrents are still full speed as well as network transfers! What should I do??
  8. INCREDIBLE! It's the wireless!!! A direct connection boosted me right up to the 4Mbps I was seeing on my other computers. What in the name of god could make a wireless connection go fast for over the network file transfers and torrents , but cap web downloads at 1.5Mbps???
  9. Incredible! I still max out at ~1.5Mbps even in safe mode! My sister's is consistently giving +500kB/s (4.2Mbps I think) I'll try reversing the half open tcp connections patch. EDIT: Ok it turns out I never even had the patch installed on this laptop. It turns out my other desktop is fast too! Therefore the problem lies with this laptop...damn. It shouldn't matter that it's wireless should it? When transferring files over the network, it still does it at ~38% of 54mbps which people have said is OK before.
  10. I'll try the safemode test, one sec. What does cablenut do?
  11. Sorry I keep editing my posts right before you post. Please look up. I'm using internet explorer to test in all cases and the firewall is the windows firewall. I don't think I applied the half-open tcp patch to my sister's computer.
  12. Ok I get 169kB/s with your mirror with the biggest file. I have read through the sticky... I doubt it's things I'm running since (as I just recently edited my first post), this happens on all computers in the house. I tried without AVG antivirus running, and closed down all other applications as well and same thing happens EDIT: OK SCRATCH THAT. I just tried on my sister's computer and it got 523kB/s!!! WTH. That's like the least updated computer in the house! Could I be getting slower speeds because I modified the "half-open TCP conncetions" allowed? This was limited to 10 after some windows update and a patch came up on the internet and I increased it to 50.
  13. Hi, I'm in a very peculiar situation. I have Bell Sympatico High Speed Ultra which is supposed to be 5000Mbps. This should be 610 kB/s in download speed. I have no problem reaching a max of 500 kB/s downloading torrents, which I can live with. However, any "bandwidth tests" including the one on this site are all much lower. The test on this site said ~160kB/s to ~190kB/s and the ones on dslreports.com are also inconsistent with anywhere from ~60kB/s to 200kB/s download speeds. What the hell is going on here? I'm running windows xp pro sp2 with all updates, no spyware, no viruses etc. I'm using Mozilla Firefox, latest version, but same results in internet explorer. This happens on all my computers including my 2 desktops, and on my wireless laptop. I have a netgear wireless and wired router with latest firmware (I think...I should check on that) Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Flaviu
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