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  1. Interestingly, I had another technician stop by today to do further checks of ingress noise. He said that while they did shut down the new signal, they plan to start them back up once they find and address the noise. So we'll see if they are able to address all the noise and get things working properly or if I'm going to have problems again.
  2. On another note, I have an update on my slow upload issues. I got a text this past Thursday from the technician I've been working with to resolve my issues and he said that they decided to shut down the new signal due to the slew of maintenance issues it brought forth. He said that the noise was on the fourth signal and in fact the fourth signal was causing a disruption to the other three. I rebooted my modem and sure enough, they shut off the new signals and I now only have one upload signal, however upload speeds have been good and steady so far since they made the change. I'm going to continue to monitor things for the next week or so, but hopefully they will not reintroduce the new signals without first addressing the problems it caused. I attached a recent modem status with only the one upload signal. Thanks for the help and website which helped diagnose my issue, I greatly appreciate it! Josh Modem Status 2-25 (Modem reset-factory defaults).docx
  3. Thanks for the link to that review about it running hot. So yeah it may be normal then.
  4. I just checked my modem with an IR thermometer and the max I got was 107 deg. F. So it's a little bit warmer than your modem and my old modem. I may do a little homework to see what others are experiencing for normal operating temperatures. On another note I did have the Comcast modem and it didn't change anything with the upload speeds. They are going back to the node to do some tests. I haven't heard back about the tests though. Unrelated I had a different tech stop by yesterday to check for ingress noise. The tech said I didn't really have any. It really sounds like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at Comcast.
  5. Something else to mention, I've noticed my modem is warm to hot and has a bit of an electronics smell to it. Could this modem be running hot or have some sort of issue with it? The first tech that came said the signal levels were a bit high and he put a 4-way splitter outside to lower the levels. He used the analogy with the power levels as if the signal was shouting at the modem and by lowering the levels it would be helpful/beneficial to the modem. I don't know if the power levels or the modem running hot have any coincidence, but thought I'd mention it.
  6. I believe I've been getting in-house techs coming to my house as I've gotten emails from them with a Comcast email address as well as their boss having a Comcast email address. I'm going to go through the systematic troubleshooting as best I can with them. I have contemplated seeing if a local news station would be interested in the story, but don't necessarily want to play that card unless I'm completely out of options. The next step I've talked with the techs is to try one of their modems, which due to my schedule may not be until next week. I'll update the post when I get some new info. I've reattached the modem screenshot I previously attached.
  7. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I don't expect a different modem is going to change things at all, but have to go through the motions to prove it's not my equipment. I had an older Surfboard modem that was working fine and was told that was a "no longer supported" modem. I just hope they can find something. I had one tech from outside of this area tell me that the node I'm on needs a hardware upgrade and they can't get the money to do the upgrade so they just keep putting band aids on. That's a good idea about YouTube as that's a public site and something that would be difficult to argue against. I have done tests to my offsite website and uploading data to it. When things are good I get around 500 kb/s and when their bad upload speeds can be in the 20 - 40 kb/s. I've been getting credits as I go for the service. I haven't paid anything towards my bill since November. I've got a $40 credit on the account right now, but need to call again before I get my next bill. What is in the Word document is all that's on the status page. I've attached a screen shot of the lower part of the status page and everything that's there. One question I have is why is the channel numbers different on the upload, channel 1 has a channel ID of 4. Any idea why Comcast has done this? Thanks Josh
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help or input on troubleshooting my slow upload speeds. Some background on my issue; I am in the Houston, TX area, have Comcast, and I currently have the 25 mb/s download and 10 mb/s upload package. I've had cable internet at this address since 2003 with Time Warner before Comcast bought them. Overall I've been happy with the service despite a few issues here and there. When Comcast blocked port 25 I was forced to move to their business service since I run a server do work out of my house. Because of this I use upload speeds a lot more than your normal user. When I moved to the business service the package level I had was 19 mb/s download and 3 mb/s upload. I had been on that package for over 2-3 years and it was fine for my needs. Beginning this past November (2015) around the middle of the month my upload speeds just hit the floor (400-500 kb/s). When I called I was told there were a lot of outages in the area. I continued having issues and had a tech come out in early December. He checked everything, verified all the connections and lines, and told me that there was noise in the line which was affecting the upload speeds. I also found out that Comcast added a fourth upload carrier signal around mid-November. I was told by a couple of the techs that they knew there was noise in that frequency range. I have had several techs come out, and that the maintenance department has been working on the lines to reduce the noise. However, I still have intermittent times where my upload speeds are below 1 mb/s. Even those times that it is above I find that the speed is very inconsistent. Yesterday morning I had a very short period where speeds were good, browsing was "snappy" again and upload speeds to my off site server were good. The techs have escalated my issue to their supervisor and I've been communicating with him and they are trying to resolve things. Where I'm at now is that they've come out and run speed tests from Ookla or their own speed servers and speeds were fine. So I need to try and explain those test aren't an accurate representation of my speeds. I currently have my own modem, a Surfboard SB6183. The modem is new as I replaced an older surfboard to eliminate that as a possible cause. My normal network runs through an older Linksys WRT54GL router running dd-wrt firmware. However I have direct connected multiple computers to the modem to see if that affects speeds and it doesn't; I still get the same results. If the techs tell me they've done everything they can do, then my next option is to try one of the Comcast modems as a last ditch effort. If that doesn't work I'll have to find another ISP because I can't continue to deal with the intermittent slow uploads. It's affecting my work, and I've spent a lot of time trying to troubleshoot and don't seem to be making any progress. If there are any diagnostics or tools I can use to try and help pin point the issue to pass along to the Comcast techs I would be extremely grateful. Here are my test results for the past 90 days. https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=01302016&x=90&l=25&q=Legacy777 https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=01302016&x=90&l=25&q=Legacy777 I've also attached my modem status, event log, & configuration pages for review to see if there's anything in there that may be useful in troubleshooting my problem. Any help would be extremely appreciated as I'm nearing my wits end. Thanks Josh Modem Status.docx Modem Event Log.docx Modem Configuration.docx
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