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  1. So am I understanding the plans correctly at Buckey Cable? You have a data cap? If so, is it a hard cap or do they just throttle your speed?
  2. Also, Earthlink speeds are increased the same way in this area.
  3. Here are the prices. http://www.timewarnercable.com/en/plans-packages/internet/internet-service-plans.html?iid=internet-lob:1:1:compareplans And here is what the speeds have been increased to about a month or two ago. http://www.timewarnercable.com/en/enjoy/better-twc/internet.html
  4. I will just use it to pay a for their service. So they wont get any relevant info really. lol
  5. Time Warner even gave me a $100 Visa gift card for getting service. No installation fees or anything. Just a solid $77.99 a month including fees and all.
  6. I feel ya on that. Competition is a good thing for the end user.
  7. Oh crap, I should have known from the name. Lol. I had Clear wireless 4g before this but they stopped their service so now I have this. Much better. I was paying $50 for about 15/10. But it was cool because I could bring their 4G modem with me wherever I went. Like if I went to a friends house that didn't have broadband, all I had to do is bring the modem with a built in wifi router and just plug in the power and boom, broadband. I could even put it in my car with an AC/DC converter and drive around with broadband. lol.
  8. I think they upped their speeds for free because of Google Fiber coming here.
  9. Where is that located at?
  10. Time Warner just upped their speeds for free. 20Mb moved to 100, 30Mb moved to 200 and 50Mb moved to 300.
  11. No I don't have any other service through them. We are going to be getting Google's Fiber network soon. It is being installed right now but who knows how long it will be before it's ready. And Google charges the same price of $70 for their Gigabit network. So as soon as that is available, I will be switching to it.
  12. Thanks!!! I'm loving it for sure. I just wish it was symmetric or at least a bit higher on the upload. Like 50-100. But yes I am definitely pleased with it!
  13. Just saying hello to the community. Great service and site you have here! Thanks for creating it.
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