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  1. The Twilight Zone. Looking at the speeds documented out there for the same money that I pay makes me feel as though I still run dial-up. (a lot of you never experienced those days). I live in a rural farm community, no cable and no DSL available. I have to rely on "high speed" wireless from a broadcast tower a mile down the road. Paying for a whopping 5mb down/1mb up at a rate of $59.95/mo. This is embarrassingly slow compared to the rest of humanity! In my area they pretty much have us by the short hairs with no decent alternative. Thinking the area market is ripe for the picking for tru
  2. Quick Hello to all members. Found this site while working on improving my home network connections and testing my supposedly "high speed" wireless service which seems like dial up compared to all the speeds I see reported out there. Home location was my choice so no one to blame but myself. This site has assisted me in making my decision to move to an alternate provider. About the same speeds but more dependable signal from what present users tell me.
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