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  1. there should be another fan inside. the PSU fan should never be used to cool the entire computer it is designed to just cool the power supply.

    yeah that's what I was asking about.

  2. okay so i'm a little confused now. Does the PSU also act as the fan as well or is there a fan inside that I don't know about? There's this section of the computer I didn't open because I didn't think it was necessary so I guess that holds the fan?

  3. hmm but now if I don't take out that PSU, would I still be able to put in the fan? I thought I was going to replace that PSU. And if I do take it out, would the computer still work?

  4. the there is so many wires part to the fan... are we talking about a fan or a power supply (which has a fan in it)?

    no, i don't want to sound condescending, i couldn't find a better way to put that. it's just that i have never seen a fan about which i would say "so many wires", but a psu i would put in that category.

    it's just i can't see what you're doing, so i have to ask you to clarify.


    Well this is what I'm talking about. I thought that the fan is on the bottom right with all the wires.

  5. I just wanted to know about the voltage cuz I don't want to buy a fan that didn't work lol. Um i guess i'll buy the quieter one that the other guy recommended. I looked inside my computer and the fan seemed to have so many wires attached to it; is this something an average person can do or does it require someone with computer expertise?

  6. so 125 mm is way too much? Is it common for people to use it? I think the noise level is important to me too; exactly how loud would a 125 mm fan be like? would it be as loud as a vacuum cleaner?

  7. Do computers need specific fans to work (like with their voltage) or can you just get any fan that is the right size?

    I have a Sony Vaio VGC-RC110 and i wanna replace it's fan with this http://www.frozencpu.com/fan-22.html

    I'm an amateur so I don't want to order it only to find out I didn't know something beforehand so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. that sounds pretty crazy so I doubt I would do that. Plus wouldn't a lot of dust get in as well? What if I just leave one side of the case open? Or I guess my best option is to replace the weak fan with something faster, although how would I know that the fan that was posted before would fit in my computer?

  9. The fan blows up. how come the fan is only 18 dollars while the fans at newegg are like 60? that just seems too good to be true. also, how do you use the artic 5 compound? I was thinking of getting it but i'm still not sure how you use it. thanks for the input so far.

  10. the problem is were would you put the fan, there is like no pratical place to put a fan in there, unless you cut a hole at the top and had it pushing the hot air out.

    oh i see. I was thinking that myself about why there wasn't a lot of space. So do I have any other options?

  11. hey guys I know i haven't responded to this thread in a while but I'm still having cooling problems. I decided to open it up and see how much space I had. I took some pics hoping that someone could tell me what kind of fan I should get and how big or small it should be. Thanks.

  12. 840RPM is not normal. thats almost no air movement. we have one of these or one that is very close to yours at my office and i will take a look at it and see what the temp and fan speed is when i go there tommarow.

    so did you manage to see what temp and fan speed the computer your office has? just curious to see what you found.

  13. I called up SONY and I told them that my computer's temperature. The guy booted up his own computer and said that his temperatures were around the same range so he said that it was normal. I also told him the speed of my fan (i looked in the bios and it said it was like 840 RPM). he said this was normal as well so i can't get it replaced.

  14. so heat pipes are actually good? Then is it my heat pipe that isn't working? Oh and about installing a heat sink or a fan...does that require a lot of pc knowledge? i'm not good at computers (obviously). oh and do you need to install both of them or just one of them?

  15. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835100007

    is this what you're talking about? How do you use this?

    Um I have a warranty for my Sony computer. it has onsite service so they replace any parts that are broken or not working. If I contact SONY, do you think they can fix it or will it still overheat?

    um last thing can you tell me more about this heatsink and what's the difference between that and a fan as well as give me some links to some good heatsinks or fans? Thanks a lot.

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