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  1. Reviving the old discussion here. I've done more testing at the switch and I'm getting the expected results there. I've identified the router as the problem. The Apple Airport Extreme is limiting the single thread downloads (e.g., through TMN) are limited, while Speedtest.net tests show the full speeds we're paying for. Any ideas how we can configure the router to fix this behavior?
  2. Admittedly, we don't have the experience in-house to login to the Junos operating system.
  3. We are using a Juniper SRX 240 Gateway and an Apple Airport Extreme WiFi router. The low speeds seem to occur even with a direct ethernet connection.
  4. 3 downloads (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox) on 3 machines. Overall, the downloads were typically between 100-250KBps with occasional spikes to 400-500KBps or some machines. In total, across three machines, I'd say we were pretty steady at 600KBps (4.8Mbps) total. There doesn't seem to be much of a difference between one or multiple instances of the download.
  5. I tried downloading 5 instances of the debian disk image at once: 3 on Chrome, 1 on Firefox, and 1 on Safari. Running activity monitor, my computer showed consistently between 200-500KBps (1.6-4Mbps).
  6. UPDATE: One of the issues was our test server. Selecting a closer server gave us a better single test result (around 8-9Mbps). Better than 3-4Mbps, but still only half of what we're paying for. I just tested three machines at the same time with no other significant Network traffic. Our results: 7.3, 5.7, and 4.7Mbps for a combined 17.7 down. That seems reasonable, but I still have questions about our single thread performance: - What is actually limiting our single thread downloads? Is the ISP throttling single connections? (They claim that there is no reason a single thread should be slower, but they also don't care that it is because they only look at the OOKLA test). - If we upgrade our service, to say 40/40, would we expect to see our single thread speeds to also double? https://testmy.net/quickstats/nkruis
  7. We have a dedicated 20/20 connection on CenturyLink fiber for our business. Of course, they only care about their own OOKLA tests, but we've been finding that our single thread TMN speeds are closer to 3-4Mbps. They claim that there should be nothing limiting a single thread download, and chalk it up to "normal internet variations". Regardless of when we test, we always see the same limitation at about 3-4Mbps for single thread TMN tests. Multi-thread tests are better (15-18Mbps). Because the OOKLA tests come in at the "right speed", they claim that this isn't a problem. My question is: What should we expect? Is this specific to CenturyLink, or is this standard behavior for ISPs? Should we be switching providers? https://testmy.net/compID/615662894136
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