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  1. So on Feb 15th the Cox Tech came out and fixed a ingress/egress due to new construction of homes in the area, everything worked fine until about a week ago when the upload speeds went from 20 back down to 1mb/s. What I really don't understand is every time I call out a tech they check the connections straight from the wire and it's always 300+down and 30+ up but when I check on testmy.net it's 1mb/s upload speeds and when I try to live stream through OBS I cant upload at more than 1mb/s which is a HUGE problem because I live stream for a major source of my income and haven't been able to since
  2. First off I want to say that I have Cox (Las Vegas NV) with their top package that offers 200mb Down and 40mb Up. Everything has worked fine for a long time getting close to those speeds until about 10 days ago where I noticed I could not stream onto twitch anymore at 3000kb upload. I did a ton of troubleshooting on my end everything from reformatting my pc to driver updates to firewall/router/security/cleaning out my PC/OBS stuff... nothing I've done seems to work. The upload speed is so slow now that I cant stream which is a source of income for me and I really need to figure out this issue.
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