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  1. I use torrent2exe and my torrent files are mostly on a 160G USB hard disk. The good thing is that I can use any computer with an internet connection and start running the torrents without any clients. You might like to give it a try. The address is http://torrent2exe.com/
  2. Xybirium

    upside down screen

    I used to do that to prevent anyone from messing with my PC when I am away from it for a while.
  3. Your download speeds are actually very good. Where I come from, if we get above 70% of our subscribed speed, we have no cause for complaint. 2910/3360=86.6% is so much better than what we have here. It is very rare for you get 100% of your subscribed speed. PS - Either we misunderstand what you are trying to say OR you still don't understand what we are saying.
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