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  1. There is again a difference of one hour between My Results and local time, but now My Results displays one hour less than local time. I guess this is somehow related to the previous issue, so posted a follow-up rather than opening a new topic.
  2. ... and I had a couple of busy days, so couldn't follow the issue until now. Synced, really. Yes, the time shows right again. Thank you!
  3. Playing with the shell... ~$ date dg mar 10 19:55:13 CET 2019 ~$ date --date='TZ="Europe/Madrid" now' dg mar 10 19:55:15 CET 2019 ~$ date --date='TZ="Madrid" now' dg mar 10 20:55:18 CET 2019 Does this ring a bell?
  4. For some reason, test time in My Results is now showing as one hour later than my local time. Don't know precisely when this began, but could not be more than a week ago.
  5. Indeed! An add-on, Privacy Badger, was blocking cookies from *.quantcast.* ; allowing them solved the problem. I also warned the developer, the EFF. Thank you! Ernest
  6. The cookies acceptance banner ('We value your privacy' etc.), a EU feature I guess, is popping at every page, no matter if already accepted. Debian 9, Firefox 60.5, settings allow third party cookies. Bests, Ernest
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