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  1. I only have the modem plugged in when I'm on the net - Easy for me to do. I had to file 2 FCC complaints against them before I finally came to some form of resolution. I had 15 GIG of data disappear in 1 day - They told me they saw my wireless ptr. on line and that must have been using the data - That ptr.'s only used by my wife, who was out of town on biz for the past week - That's why I unplug the router if I'm not on the net. At 19:20 on a Fri. night I'm getting 42 MPS so "I WIN". Keep me in the loop - Good luck !
  2. Use TESTMY.NET to determine your speed. INSIST on it. The Hughesnet speedtest site is fake. Several years ago they insisted on the TESTMY.NET site. They've developed their own testing site and now, unless you INSIST on TESTMY.NET they'll use their own fake results from their fake site. I've spent hundreds of hours on the phone w/these people. I know them well - There is a resolution for your wows but it takes LOT's of time. Expect an hour every time you call them - Have a hard wire cable so you can wire the router directly to your PC Tell your family you won't be available for and hour or so. Don't get mad, don't yell, don't get frustrated - Work w/every thing they're asking you to do. Their call center is in Brownsville, TX, I believe, so you'll talk to nice folks but not local. Get - Did I say "GET" the case # - They record and document every second of their conversation with you. Make sure you're polite but firm - They usually will work with you - Just keep in mind the peep's you talk to have limited ability to fix your issue - But I really like talking to them - They really do want to fix your issue. Take notes as you go through your conversation w/them. Get names - Note times. This won't be the only time you'll call them - It's a game - Learn to master it and you'll win. Good luck !
  3. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King! Oh for DSL - I've been trying to get it at my house since I moved in years ago. Just not available. You'll be much happier w/DSL I'm sure !
  4. I've given them until 12/4 when they said they'd have speeds up to an acceptable level. Waiting !
  5. I'm just prayin' for the day someone drags a cable to my front door.
  6. After a complaint a few months ago the "account" lady said they'd give me an "upgrade" to Gen 5 - At that minute - I mean at that minute, my speeds went from 5-6 mps to 30-40 mps. A few days later here comes Kevin - Nice guy - I'm a field tech myself - I know the good ones - New wireless router - speeds 25-30 - OK good - A few days later speeds tanked to 8-10 where I'm at now - call, complain, call, complain - Here comes Kevin again w/a new router - OK good - Speeds back to 20-30 - a few days later down to 8-10. These people workin' on my last nerve.
  7. I've had an FCC complaint against these people - Spent HOURS AND HOURS on the phone w/them. Things go OK for a day or 2 every once in a while then right back down into the toilet. I've heard since Dec. 2015 "Yeah, they've been having problems w/that beam !" Is there a sane answer out there ? Follow the dollar and you'll always find your answer. I can't stand this dial up speed - No place to go but Verizon Wireless w/same speeds. There must be someone out there in the brain trust that can answer my question. Thanks !
  8. I've got Hughesnet and my speeds are typically 5-10 MBPS - 25 is what they told me I'd get on their new GEN 5 NW. I've called them dozens of times - I opened up an FCC complaint - Nothing. The perils of living in the country.
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