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  1. But isn' t this better for testing then your servers? (Sweden to Germany) With your servers I get about 80-150 Mbit, but with Sunets HTTP-server I get my full gigabit. Sweden to Sweden Hmm..
  2. Works! I did try an ISO-first, but that was Before I read you post carefully..
  3. In sweden we have a local initative. How ever it lacks some features. Auto-testing on regulare bases. But it has some good servers, and it is standard in sweden. But using the servers could be good. www.bredbandskollen.se (yea it is in Swedish, google translate might help)
  4. Can you add local FTP/HTTP-servers like Swedish SUNET. That whould be a great source. This could be done as pointing out the exakt link for the software to download. Like this file http://ftp.sunet.se/ubuntu/ubuntu/dists/yakkety/Contents-amd64.gz 32MB (just a random example - dont know what it is for really) So the easy implementation is a text field where you can add a bunch of linkes which it downloads random of them.
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