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  1. i am origanaly from tennessee,i lived there for 30 years,i move to indiana 8 years ago,and now i live in muncie IN.some people call it funcie indiana but theres nothing fun here copared to nashville.to be honest its the most boring place in america lol..

  2. Athlon is AMD's flag ship.. Kinda like Pentium is Intels..   The only thing that I would caution against as far as what you are trying to do here.. there is going to be a point that you will not be able to upgrade on the 754 platform...  As it stands right now the 939 is in the process of being phased out, leaving the 754 and the AM2.. The original idea, or from what I have read, was that all new processors would be developed for the AM2.. Leaving the 754 for the Sempron and other budget CPUs..

    hopefully in the near future i will be able to build a nice machine but for now this is all i can afford..im gonna wait for some prices to come down..im just dying to play my games lol..im gonna give the 754 to my ole lady :P thanks for all the info swimmer.. :icon_thumleft::icon_thumright:

  3. From all of us here at testmy.net we want to wish all our February TMN babies a very Happy Birthday and hope that your special day is great...and a wish for many more...hope this finds you well and happy...CHEERS!!  :occasion14:

    cheers2.gif     cake.gif         champagne.gif


       :bday:        occasion13.gif        :occasion14:      occasion13.gif    :D          :bday:

    Happy Birthday to all the FebruaryTestMy Babies  :smitten:

    For those that already had your birthday

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