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  1. I have the same issue. We are paying for higher speeds (100M/10M), but have been getting results varying from sub 10-180M Download, and sub 1M to 3.5M Upload. I used a couple of speed test sites and found that speedtest.net consistently gave higher readings. I have had multiple tickets opened with them to resolve the issue, but they have used the argument they only acknowledge the speedtest.net site, and in doing checks to the modem in our house, say they see nothing wrong. My personal opinion is that most times you are discussing with a tier level 1 person whose only role for the company is to follow a script to troubleshoot issues. I did speak to a person who identified themselves as a supervisor, but they too did not acknowledge my speed test results. I was even willing to send screenshots, but they said no. So, as long as their remote test indicates nothing wrong, they feel the trouble is a user system issue. However, having written all the above, I would be interested to read if anybody has had any luck otherwise.
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