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  1. i reseted mine a while ago. I think i have pppoe but its DSL where you dial up but can use the phone. Its DI 624 and now that i rested it i cant play ps2 online while im on the internet and now ps2 online doesnt work at all and i need help
  2. I put those numbers in and nothing happens really
  3. ok im back finally and yes i figured out how to get to so now what do i do?
  4. ok well im going to do what my friend told me at school tommorow which is saturday and if it doesn't help then ill reply again and do a print screen and yes i knew what a print screen was but just wasn't thinking
  5. someone tell me how to do a print image thing so i can show what i see off my connection to solve this dumb problem
  6. my internet connection is also sympatico and eveything worked fine until i pressed reset on the dlink and trying to make it work again..
  7. also when i got that window up like you had it had on automatically for the ip address and the DNS with no numbers
  8. how do i do a print screen? im new with this forum
  9. yes i know i got the exact screen except nothing was on it. No numbers or anything
  10. yes i found it but it has no numbers at all
  11. i went to control panel and i right clicked eveything and nothing says properties and i dont see a network card
  12. ok and forgot to say i got windows xp just so if it changes anything
  13. how do i do that? i just need help with getting my d link to work so i can play ps2 online, and ive lost the d link CD and the website does not work
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