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  1. As per advice, located old mobo cd and used it to instal the ethernet driver(windows says that you dont need one).Yellow "ethernet" in Device manager turned pale and "controller" appeared,also "connection" icon (saying,cable disconnected) appeared in the taskbar.Dug out modem/router driving instructions from another site and away we went.It may be my imagination but everything seems faster,using ethernet instead of usb. thanks for all the help. regards
  2. I want to connect my windows xp pc to an 8 meg broadband modem using ethernet.I'm currently using a usb modem.. Device manager has an entry for ethernet,coloured yellow and says that the unit has a problem. QUESTIONS Silly one,how do i iidentify the ethernet card ? Does "having a problem" just mean that no modem is attached. If no card is present,will ANY ethernet pci card do or must it be selected for speed or type? Is ther anything else that needs doing ? Any advice will be much appreciated
  3. connected to net via 1meg broadband,modem router and wireless adapter I am a total wi fi novice and used the makers cd' System loaded all my usual sites and speed-tested ok. Sometimes,after a period of inactivity i CANNOT load sites etc.The wireless indicators say good signal and connected.Reconnecting doesnt work.Clicking "reoair" does nothing useful. If i reboot the PC i'm working again! Before i had the wireless i did occaisionally lose the connection.I put this down to an Isp overload or phone-line problem. Anyway, it occurs to me that perhaps the line drops and Windows or my router doesnt react properly when it comes back.Perhaps somehow assigning a bad IP address..ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED
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