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  1. Oh yes, I see I've been trying to connect to Dallas! Not a good idea! What should I do? After note. Tried Frankfurt and London same result 'site could not be reached'.
  2. Newbie to the forum, I live in NW Spain in an area with only cable-on-poles telephones, consequently we could only get less than 2MB/sec on broadband so we contracted to get (they promised!) 12MB from a company called Eurona anyone have experience of them? So far the results have been poor and I would like to have a means of accurately measuring what we're really getting. Are broadband test sites like Speed test.com suitable? I tried to use test my.net but when it went to the Download test page an error came up - site not obtainable - no doubt it's me doing something wrong, but I am a bit lost and could use some help please.
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