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  1. I am streaming online media using a Nexxt Nebula 300 (300 mbps) router. Normal speed tests on my phone and laptop in proximity (30 ft+/- from the router) to the GBox Q2 read 20 Mbps/5 Mbps +/-. However the same test done online through the Matricom GBox Q2 reads only 3 Mbps/1Mbps +/-. I tend to think that the wireless chip in the GBox Q2 is not as sensitive as the chips in the phone or computer, but would like some plain language tech advise. Matricom tech support has been evasive in answering my questions, so I am looking for some knowledgeable independant analysis. Th
  2. I purchased the Nexxt Nebula 300 router ($29.95) here in Panama. It does not surprise me that it is an outdated model, because a lot of obsolete, and left over electronics, appliances, etc. get dumped onto the markets here. The range extender my friend recommended is a NETGEAR WIFI RANGE EXTENDER Model:WN3000RP, which sells for $29.95 on Amazon. Nonetheless, I will look into purchasing a newer model router and hope that solves my issue. But the nagging question in my mind is why the other two devices get full wifi connection speeds at the same location as the G-Box.
  3. The router is not "aged". I purchased it last December and it has b/g/n capability up to 300Mbps .
  4. Good Morning Mudmanc4, I have been able to restore wifi connectivity with my G-Box and across devices by factory reset of the router. Speed tests this morning indicate 2/2 Mbps speeds. Good enough for now. What do you think about purchasing a wifi signal booster (repeater) to give me better G-Box connect speeds? A friend of mine uses one and is getting near maximum input speeds on his G-Box. Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!
  5. Good Morning Mudmanc4, I have not attempted any further wifi connectivity recovery, but am willing to try if you can give me some suggestions.
  6. Dear mudmanc4, Thank you so much for your willingness to "walk" me through this issue. In fact, you have been much more helpful than Matricom Tech Support with whom I have had over 35 back-and-forth e-mails, over six weeks, with no resolution. Per your suggestion I have changed the broadcast channel of my router from channel 6 (default setting) to channel 11, but now my G-Box is not able to detect my router even after I restored it back to channel 6. I will have resolve this issue with Matricom before I proceed further with you. I will advise you after I resolve this ne
  7. Dear Mudmanc4, Let me backup a bit to explain the purpose of my tests. Initially the G-Box Q showed much lower wi-fi connection speeds (<1/>1 Mbps) than the phone, and laptop (both at 20/5 Mbps), with all three at approximately 50 ft. from the wireless router. To verify the maximum connect speed available from the G-Box Q, I connected it with an ethernet cable with 20/5 Mbps results. The wi-fi connect speed at the same distance from the router as the cable connection produced similar results (20/5 mbps connection), which indicated to me that at a distance of 50 ft. the wi-fi
  8. Dear Mudmanc4, No, you are not reading me correctly. I am saying that when the G-Box is connected via cable or wi-fi at the same distance from the router the results achieved are nearly equal (approximately maximum signal strength). There is no wireless strength meter on the G-Box. I am using information off the screen of a HDMI connected television using Ookla Speedtest.
  9. To Mudmanc4 et.al., Thank you for your input regarding this issue. There are a couple more bits of information which may shed light on this conundrum: 1.) The speed tests I conducted on all three devices were static tests, that is the devices were merely booted up and ran the speedtest(s) without any other applications or programs running at the same time; and 2.) Other speedtest sets run when all three devices were at the same distance from the wireless router, but the G-Box was connected both via wi-fi and an ethernet cable which produced nearly equal test results (20/5 Mbps) for
  10. Hello, I am a newbie to this site from Panama. I have a question I hope someone can answer because it is driving me crazy: I have a laptop (Asus X200M), android phone (Samsung GT-S7560M) , and a streaming television box (Matricom G-Box Q2) all which connect wirelessly through a Nexxt Nebula 300 Router (less than 1 year old). My issue is that the laptop and phone consistently connect at approximately 20Mbps download and 5Mbps upload speeds (as I'm supposed to get). However the Matricom G-Box Q2 consistently connects at download speeds of <1Mbps and upload speeds at >1Mbps. The
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