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  1. My computer is directly plugged into the modem. It is seriously frustrating to see this pathetic speed for a Gigabit plan in Testmynet. As I mentioned before, ookla servers gives me 900+mbps consistently. And my ISP is looking at that for reference. I am telling them to look at TestMynet as I have a positive real experience with it. But my ISP wouldn't budge as they see everything 'excellent' (coupled with 900mbps speed at ookla) from their end. At this point, I am just wishing there was a big storm and knocked the box outside down so that ISP can come and reconnect everything again. I thought may be it was my PC, so connected my laptop directly to the modem. Still the same result. I have already swapped modem twice and still no luck
  2. Hello @mudmanc4 I just tested it logged in, right now. Can you please look at it now? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I have been frustrated since last month. When running testmy.net speed test, downloading gets stuck for couple of secs (4 or 5 times). It starts with blazing fast download, then gets stuck, then fast download (not blazing fast), stuck, fast, stuck and the cycle repeats until the download is complete. Every other sites like speedtest, digital ocean shows I have 900+mbps download speed on a consistent basis. My ISP checked it from there end, they see everything is perfect (and in fact terrific). Yet, I have never crossed 70Mbps speed at testmy.net for the past month. I used to get consistently cross 400mbps before. I am on a Gigabit cable plan. Is it my computer suddenly acting up, or is it my ISP? I can't seem to figure it out. And my ISP won't budge looking into it as every other speed tests looks terrific and they see no issue on their end. The reason I am upset with my speed test is because my benchmark is testmy.net. I care less about other speed test site. I have always have had a real experience with testmy.net. It gives me more or less accurate speed. Downloading 1GB files takes 2mins in my Gigabit plan as suggested by testmy.net now. Before, it would take less than 30secs. i am not a tech savvy either to figure out this issue. Can anybody sort of guide me to optimize my speed? https://testmy.net/compID/1589616789534
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