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  1. Terrible FIOS data rates ...

    Hey all, SO finally had time to do something with this. I wound up completely resetting my FIOS router to factory fresh and the problem went away. I didn't have anything terribly odd going on with the router other than forwarding ssh to one of my linux servers, and no changes that I can think of which predated the problem. Could have just been some pernicious bit rot. I also find it odd that it would not have affected speed test to VERIZON speed test server, but it did affect others. Anyway, setting up auto tests for every 4 hours to see if it hold. Cheers!
  2. Terrible FIOS data rates ...

    Well, I ran a test every 15 minutes over the last couple days, and the performance is universally abysmal, despite a fast connection to the verizon router. http://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=01252017&x=2&l=250&q=not_a_happy_camper
  3. Terrible FIOS data rates ...

    Hi CA3LE, I enabled multi-threading, and the results are pretty much the same. I am going to leave it to test every 15 minutes or so and see if it is consistent through the night. Incidentally, I just ran another test to the verizon speedtest, and get fast results. It's odd, but now I am quite curious as well as irritated Thanks, NAHC
  4. Terrible FIOS data rates ...

    Hi CA3LE, Thanks for the reply. I see now that I hadn't noticed the search function before, and as you say it seems others in my area are not experiencing this issue. I am hardwired here, though I am one hop through an unmanaged switch to the Verizon provided router. The same machine sees 90+ Mbps to the verizon speed test, so I assumed something on their end, but in the absence of supporting data from others in my area it seems I have a bit of a puzzle. I may move some things around to get this particular machine connected directly to the Verizon router and see if that helps. Thanks! UHC
  5. Terrible FIOS data rates ...

    So I have had FIOS for about 9 years now, and have generally been very happy. My current plan is 75 Mbps up and down, but in the last few weeks I have had horrific performance. Last night downloading a new game from STEAM I was getting a bit more than 1 Mbps. My results here have been in the single digits, generally less than 5. This site claims the average FIOS link to here is in the 50Mbps range. How current is that? I am near Baltimore, so when I run the FIOS speed test it connects to a server near DC, and my connection to VERIZON averages around 90Mbps up and down. So obviously the problem is somewhere between verizon and the rest of the network, but when I call and complain of course the response is "it isn't our problem", yet I have no way to test that. Any other FIOS users in the DC/Baltimore area with current tests?
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