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  1. internet speed tests

    I just did the test again using the San Francisco test server. My download is still only 57.9 Mbps. My upload was 105 Mbps. Even on speedtest.net I ran some more tests and the only ones that are matching my 150 service are the servers very close to me. The further servers tested much slower also.
  2. internet speed tests

    Hi. I am new to the forum and have a question about my internet speed. I just had fiber installed to my home by Telus which is in B.C.. I subscribed to internet 150 Mbps download and 150 upload. On speedtest.net I get around 168 Mbps up and down consistently which seems great. So today I did a speed test on this site (testmy.net) and I am only getting 40 Mbps upload and download now. If this is my true speed is there anything I can do about it ? Thanks.
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