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  1. Hi i recently have been having problems with my service provider " Liberty Cable ". For several months i have been contacting them to adjust the correct Internet Speed for what i am paying for. Every time i contact them, someone from their operator room ( which i can hear other operators answering phone calls) assists me and tries to find the problem; by making me perform a speedtest thru their web site. In the beginning they would give me an excuse, that my area was undergoing some repairs. Recently they try to come up with the excuse that i have several devices connected to my system; ( 3 cellular phones , an apple TV, a Roku and my son's Playstation, and that therefore my Speed which should be 40 Mbps drops down from 40 Mbps down to 10 Mbps and even 2 Mbps. I have even disconnected my devices, and still come up with the same results. But after each call, my system miraculously comes back up to what i pay for. I recently seen and learned about your site thru our Local News, where many people are being ripped off by some Service Providers, to include " Liberty Cable ". Are they telling me the truth?(about devices connected, even though their not being used) or are they just trying to convince the consumer with false information.
  2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Hello from the island of Puerto Rico. Just learned about this forum, after seeing a News report, of how some service providers are not providing what they are selling; in regards with internet speed paid for by us consumers.
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