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    1madmouse got a reaction from sd70mac in TCP Optimizer   
    I do have another question,  how to test our ISP ping,  or the lag we experience when connecting?  Unless i missed something,  I was unable to find that.  Makes me wonder why sometimes they go through 32 routers,  and other times over a 100.?  I'm not a streamer,  nor do I download huge MB of information or files,  so wouldn't think I was being throttled. Just hate feeling helpless and have to take whatever the ISP gives us.  We pay good money,  and they are making a nice junk of change,  we should able to get what we pay for.  Who has the authority to make these companies provide what they promise?
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    1madmouse got a reaction from sd70mac in TCP Optimizer   
    Well according to Spectrum,  we are supposed to get 100mbs down and about 10 up. My speeds have climbed to 89 since I ran TCP Optimizer. My biggest gripe was huge lag right in the middle of my games,  might as well not even log on to play with 132ping.  Normally is about 32.  I have made sure I have a good modem , Arris SB6183, and router, Netgear R6200v2,  keep my stuff up to date.  We wanted to go with the 200mps,  but the install was very expensive in my opinion.
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    1madmouse got a reaction from sd70mac in TCP Optimizer   
    I have been here a while,  but haven't posted before.  I have Charter/Spectrum for my ISP.  Lately my speeds have been dropping in the evening making it impossible to play any of my online games,  very frustrating. I didn't really want to call my ISP and hear all the garbage they give out to make it look like the problem is with my equipment or on my end of the connection.  I finally installed the TCP Optimizer,  I know I should have done this a long time ago.  Now my Test.My.net results are 89.6mps from the 23.1mps I was getting before this. I might also add that AT&T has just run a fiber line behind my home a few months ago and is offering a faster connection IF you bundle.  I would think Spectrum would get their act together and make sure their speeds were more consistent so as to keep the customers they have . Perhaps they could care less.  Anyway thanks for the great program and all the good stuff here at Test.My.net
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    Hi found this site today while doing a speed test and am interested in finding out more information.  I have Charter.net  for my ISP they are ok i guess for speeds.  I have in the past used Speed test Ookla,  Speed of me,  and a few others,  but TestMy.net has the most honest approach i have seen so far.  Cable companies tend to treat us as though we are all internet dumb and will just accept what ever they tell us.  I am impressed that here we can get a bit more educated about what we are getting for the service we pay for.  After all it is about money,  the hard earned cash we put out for Internet access is an important cost.  i'm sure everyone would like to know they are getting what they pay for. I hate that most ISPs advertise speeds up to a certain speed,  thats their way out of liability when someone complains.  OK sorry for the ranting and Hi,  I am 1madmouse.
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