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  1. Sorry i am new to this...A big thank you to all my international buddys
  2. Just a big thank you to you guys and girls for having a great site and for the help and support you give in solving problems.We are not used to it here in england. Many thanks
  3. Hi there. I am with a cable company ntl and i was getting slow down load speeds i kept complaining to them they told me it was my router( LInksys WRT54G). that was giving me the problem (ya right i thought) so i went to linksys website and did a firmware upgrade and low and behold it was the router that was slowing me down. You may have done this already as i am no expert but these guys on this site have helped me
  4. mick

    cpu problem

    .Many thanks. checked my mobo website the new cpu is not compatable so it is being resold on ebay wish i had done my home work before buying never mind we all have to learn some where.
  5. mick

    cpu problem

    Hi there...i bought the cpu off ebay so chances are it is a dud one.I did fit it and windows fired up then pc locked up when i restarted pc i just got a black screen so fitted old cpu back.How do i find out if this cpu is compatable with my mobo
  6. mick

    cpu problem

    can i upgrade my CPU and just expect it to work straight away.Or do i have to change anything in the bios.Please help i am new to this
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