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  1. Just installed the new nVidia GeForce drivers and fixed the problem. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Well I can't find my System32 folder. Had to do it the Run way. It must be a virus or something. http://www.mcse.ms/archive55-2005-5-1647825.html That guy on that website has the same problem.
  3. Nothing came out of it. Myriagon it won't work since I don't have an XP cd. Is it possible my monitor or graphics card is dying?
  4. Ok, I fix one things and it leads to another. I ran that scan, then everything was fine. Then I restarted my PC and my screen went into 640x480 display with 4 bit color. And I can't change it back. What happened?
  5. This worked. Thanks a lot for all the help guys.
  6. Well, I was going to try to put in some tweaks and I tried to enter my Registry. So I go to Run type in regedit and a black screen comes up, with this message coming out like a pop-up, C:Windowssystem32regedit.com The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction CS:0000 IP:20d2 OP:63 61 74 69 6e Choose Close to terminate application Then I have to choices. Close or Ignore. If I hit ignore another comes up. It says this. C:Windowssystem32regedit.com Same as the other line on other error CS:0000 IP:215b OP:ff ff ff 2f 83 Choose Close to terminate application After that if I hit ignore it just closes. What could be wrong? My PC is clean just did a bunch of virus scans, I haven't toyed with my registry. What could be wrong?
  7. So what would happen if I uninstalled it?
  8. Well I need some space on my PC and was uninstally useless programs when I came upon this. I tried finding out what it is, and what it does but to no avail. What does it do and do I need it?
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