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    Okay. I'll take that as an educated answer from a knowledgeable person. I will decline Comcast's offer to send a tech out to my home (at blank check cost to me) who will just give me the same bad news: it can't be fixed. I wish I could change to one of those "better" ISPs but I have the misfortune of living in an apartment complex that was wired by Comcast at construction in exchange for a monopoly agreement with the landlord. It seems this situation was very common for a long time. Don't know if it is still legal or not but even telephone companies won't give me potentially higher speed DSL internet because of Comcast' monopoly. Thanks for replying. I actually browsed your forum and quickly found much relevant information; all of it seems to add up to my being stuck with Comcast and poor internet speeds. My Roku movie streams keep re-buffering and other bears in the cave (especially the cubs) are growling at me dangerously....
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    There's more than likely wording in fine print somewhere that says "up to" 100 Mbps. Some ISPs are a lot better than others at proving good solid service at or near that max.
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